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The front door
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How Kohostworks

Turning physical guests into digital guests

When it comes to hospitality, convenience is key. At Kohost, we reverse the customer onboarding model, allowing you to provide your guests with immediate value instead of asking them to download your app or handing them a list of outdated instructions.

By simply tapping a link, your guest is instantly connected to their room and inside your digital ecosystem. It’s really that simple.

The integration layer

Our Application Programming Interface (API) allows your guests to easily control all of your in-room technology, no matter the brand. Which means that large organizations with a multitude of different systems have the ability to offer the same guest experience across properties.

No need to reinvent the wheel, and no need for expensive, proprietary brands. Utilizing our integration layer allows you to mix and match IoT devices, media players, and legacy control systems. Gone are the days of being handcuffed to a particular brand or worrying if your new devices will work with your existing ones – we have you completely covered.

Develop Insights

Once your guest is using their personal device to engage with your property, Kohost opens up endless possibilities for nuanced, personalized marketing.

Our backend collects user and building data to help you increase wallet share and cut operating costs. 


Why choose Kohost

Kohost allows you to connect with your guests. As the front door to your digital ecosystem, we help onboard your visitors by offering instant value and convenience. Now they can interact with their hotel room with just a tap of a link.

Once engaged, we help deliver a personalized experience on their devices, eliminating the need for expensive, proprietary systems.

Future Forward

No more costly proprietary control systems that are difficult to configure and confusing to use. The internet of things is here so let’s take advantage of these amazing products together. Already invested in legacy systems? That’s okay! We bring it all together into a single, beautiful, and easy-to-use experience for your guests.

Save Money

Say goodbye to outdated, in-room customer-facing technology and hello to leveraging your guest’s mobile devices.

Building Management

Each room we bring online adds to your global building management dashboard. Which means you can save energy costs by automating temperature and lighting controls for unoccupied rooms or even automatically trigger welcome scenes upon guest check-in.

Grab your guest's attention

Get their attention… when they’re already paying attention. Engage with your guests where they are. At the airport, in the car, on the property or even off, your guests will be excited about their stay and want to browse your brand’s goods and services. The software works on a WiFi or cellular connection.

No app to download

Did you know that 50% of your guests will leave if your site takes 3 seconds or more to display, and even less will wait to download an app? Kohost gives your guests instant access to your digital ecosystem without asking them to download anything.

Engage with data and insights to adapt on the fly

Kohost collects guests usage and room data to help you build out your user profiles and drive personalized marketing.

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